Courses and Habits investments during the year

I always loved to learn. Anything. From IT technical stuff from bike mechanics, cooking and many other things. I guess I’m just too curious and wanna understand how stuff works.


Below I’ll list all the courses and general knowledge paths I have exposed myself during this year. Hope you enjoy:

Coursera and Udemy

Mostly used this platform to learn more about GCP and get myself ready for the GCP Associate Cloud Engineer Exam.

Larissa Carbonari

Larissa is a life and a career transition coach. She developed some smart courses about Emotional Intelligence, it was a great experience to learn with this group.

Project School

As I was close to Product creation, I feel I needed to learn more from market examples


Exposing myself to a C-Level group was a really interesting experience. Learn and be able to discuss with people that drive the business is always thoughtful


Without ANY doubt the best technical learning platform ever. It was really fun to learn GCP using Qwiklabs

A Cloud Guru

This is the best example that methodology matters. Nice platform and good methods to show course contents


Official AWS Training for AWS CPE


Official Online Courses for Az-900


Yep! Completed successfully.

And some other certs:

New Habits


I’m using a headspace app to learn how to meditate. I still need to improve this ability a lot!


Yep! I’ve been trying some yoga. DownDog


2020 was a challenging year, but I provoked myself to be positive and tried to connect myself to new habits. Learning and trying different kinds of exercises was the focus, and as you are here, you may understand that writing has started to become a focus too.

Thank you for reading this post, hope you enjoyed it.

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